How to Properly Clean and Lubricate Your Bike Chain

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To maintain your motorbike in top condition and functioning smoothly, regular maintenance is a must. Maintaining a clean and lubricated chain is an important part of this process. This will increase your bike’s performance and lifespan. How to clean and oil a motorbike chain correctly is discussed here.

Step 1: Collect All Necessary Items

Before you begin, gather all the materials you’ll need:

  • A convenient and optional bike stand
  • Lubricant remover
  • Something resembling a used toothbrush that is specifically made for cleaning chains
  • A soapy water mixture
  • Clean towels or linens
  • Chain lubricant for electric motor vehicles

Step 2: Remove Chain (Optional)

A bike stand is a lifesaver when it comes to repairing your bike. Depending on your preference, you may either break the chain or keep it attached using a chain breaker tool. Although it is not necessary, removing the chain may simplify the cleaning operation.

Step 3: Work with Degreaser.

Scatter degreaser over the chain. Get rid of all the filth, oil, and grime with an efficient cleaning using a chain cleaning tool or an old toothbrush.

Step 4: Wash everything well.

After that, remove the degreaser by washing the chain with soapy water. If the chain is very filthy, it may take more than one wash to get it completely clean.

Wash everything well

Step 5: Let the Chain Dry

After cleaning, be sure to dry the chain well using clean towels. Lubricant is best applied to a dry chain since it does not mix well with water.

Step 6: Chain Lubrication

Wait for the chain to dry before applying the motorcycle chain lubricant. Spin the pedals counterclockwise to disperse a little amount of lubricant and ensure that all of the links are well covered. Use a clean towel to get rid of any excess grease to prevent dirt from sticking.

Chain Lubrication

Step 7: Drain the lubricant.

To keep the chain clean and stop dirt and debris from building up, which may shorten its lifetime, be sure you wipe off any excess lubrication.

Step 8: Test-ride

Once you’ve lubricated your motorbike, give it a test ride to make sure everything is functioning well. If any unusual noises or resistance are heard, it could be required to make further adjustments.

Handy Hints for Upkeep:

  • Lubricate and clean your chain at least once every 100 to 200 kilometers or more often if it seems dry or unclean.
  • To prevent dirt from being attracted, use a reasonable quantity of lubrication.
  • Check the chain for wear regularly and replace it if needed.

Maintaining a well-oiled and periodically inspected motorbike chain is an easy but essential way to improve your riding experience. By keeping your chain in good repair and following these steps, you may enhance the performance and riding quality of your stunning bike. You may consider looking into hiring a professional service provider like BikePromech if you do not have the time to conduct these maintenance responsibilities yourself. They can attend to any necessary maintenance on your bike, ensuring that it is in the finest possible condition for a safe and enjoyable ride. Keep on the road!


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