Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Terms for BikeProMech

1. Appointment Booking:

   – Customers are required to request service appointments at least 24 hours prior to their preferred time.

   – Appointments will be scheduled based on slot availability.

2. Servicing:

   – General servicing, as provided by the service center, is covered under the AMC.

3. Washing & Polishing:

   – This service can be availed once every month with no carry-forward to the next month.

   – Regarding washing & polish, the customer must visit our nearest garage with the vehicle. No free pickup and drop service is available in this case.

4. Engine Oil Change:

   – Complimentary in our Premium Plan only.

   – We provide Mineral Oil (Regular) and not Synthetic/Semi-Synthetic engine oil.

   – Free up to 4 times in bike subscriptions.

5. 10% Off on Total Invoice:

   – Applicable on the total invoice value.

   – Up to ₹200 off.

6. Kilometers Free Service:

   – In case the vehicle speedometer is not working, the free service period will be determined based on the months decided.

7. 24/7 Roadside Assistance:

   – Available in our service area, depending on facility availability in the customer’s location.

8. Pickup & Drop Facility:

   – Applicable only during servicing, subject to the facility provided by the garage.

   – Customers must inform at least 24 hours prior to their preferred time.

   – Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the unavailability of garage personnel at the preferred time or adverse weather conditions.

9. Free Bike Inspection and Engine Diagnose:

   – Our mechanic will visit the customer’s place to conduct a free bike inspection and engine diagnose.

10. Free Consultation:

   – Customers can ask any questions related to their vehicle problem/issue on call.

   – Available as per mechanic’s availability.

11. Freebies:

   – The quality of freebies (helmet, chain spray, gloves, etc.) is decided by the company.

   – We ensure to provide the best products to our customers.

   – Shipping and delivery of freebies may vary based on location/distance and availability.

   – Usually takes 6-7 days in metro cities & 11-12 days in non-metro cities.

12. Non-Carry Forward:

   – AMC benefits cannot be carried forward to the next plan.

13. Pre-Purchase Call:

   -Before buying AMC, customers are encouraged to call us for a detailed explanation of the benefits and services offered.

14. Non-Transferrable:

   – Subscription registered under a vehicle cannot be transferred to another vehicle under any condition.

These terms outline the comprehensive services covered under the Annual Maintenance Contract with BikeProMech. Customers are encouraged to review and adhere to these guidelines for a seamless and enjoyable service experience.